Way To Grow Irrigation's award winning
solutions have saved over 
1,314,680 GALLONS 
of water to date!

Off Site Monitoring Solutions

4 hr, real time, off site monitoring of your irrigation system.

With Way to Grow Irrigation maintaining your system, we take the worry out of irrigation water damage, leak detection, wasted water, dry outs due to failed zones, and service calls.

If there are any problems with the irrigation system, the affected zone is monitored for critical levels and then shut down within one minute, but still allows for the remaining areas to operate. We are alerted in real time (via email) of the issue, resulting in the same or next day dispatch of a service tech to correct the problem quickly and accurately. With your commitment to our company and the Tricomm System, you automatically receive Premium VIP “Front of the Line” Service.

The Objective

To offer a cost effective means of irrigation off site management. With the use of Tricomm, and flow monitoring, we will in turn be able to help you lower your operating costs, thus lowering the amount of your maintenance budget. Valuable dollars spent on landscape damaged from washouts, or death of plant material due to lack of water, will be saved.

The Goals

  • To take the worry out of what could happen in the event of irrigation failure.
  • Reduce water wastage, caused by breakage or vandalism.
  • Reduce water damage to grounds and gardens, or dry areas due to zone malfunction.
  • Supply a cost effective means of 24 hr off site monitoring of irrigation systems.
  • Provide you with time efficient and accurate repairs.
  • Eliminate extra time techs spend onsite trying to source problems
  • Change programming without the need of site visit and charge for service call.

The Solution…

Plain and simple… Way to Grow Irrigation and Tricomm Off-Site Control!

  1. Irrigation controls all timing according to data received
  2. Tricomm modem sends and receives all data between controller and computer or cell phone
  3. Flow sensor detects and monitors flow rates for each zone so controller can react to any issues
  4. Master Valve cuts water supply to system when not in use or the event of main line issue
  5. Rain sensor disables system when sufficient rains are detected

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Our clients that currently enjoy the benefits of this type of system are continually amazed at the timely and effective way we are able to provide service.

Way to Grow Irrigation provides remote monitoring, programming, and manual operation of your irrigation systems utilizing specific hardware, providing timely, cost effective site management.
Now that’s peace of mind!