Muskoka Outdoor Lighting

How we design:

Lighting is a feeling that will be different for everyone. Some like lighting to be soft and subtle while others may like the whole property lit. We strive to keep the Muskoka night as natural as possible by designing with dark sky friendly fixtures to eliminate light pollution. We get to know you and your needs and find out how you will be using the property at night. What catches your eye on their property, what do you want to show case.

Questions we ask:

  • How do you entertain? Landscape lighting is the finishing touch to any property. Muskoka Outdoor Lighting can design a system to match your style and extend your outdoor living space well into the night. We often strive for spectacular places in the daylight but neglect to see the potential for enjoying these spaces after dark. Landscape lighting can significantly expand your living space while extending your time for recreation, relaxation, and entertaining outdoors!
  • Where do you spend most of their time when outdoors, and what do you see when you look out your windows. You can make your yard a beautiful outdoor canvas during the night and enhance your property with a professionally installed landscape lighting system by Way to Grow Irrigation.
  • What does the natural environment bring to the night that doesn’t show in the day?
  • Night time entertainment will be enhanced by creating a stunning night-time effect on all major components of your master garden plans and your art pieces will be featured.
  • Not only does lighting beautify your home or cottage, it also adds overall security by placing fixtures in specific areas to give the appearance of an occupied dwelling.
  • Safety concerns are always addressed by lighting stairs and gated areas to safely navigate your property at night.
  • The lights are available from many different finishes, such as brass and copper or stainless steel.
  • Driveway and pathway lights are mounted in trees and basically invisible in daytime. They are maintance free and have components that make them energy efficient. Picture a moon light driveway greeting you on those late night drives to the cottage.
  • The architectural features of your property such as your unique terrain, and stone work will show completely different features than they do during the day.
  • Our lighting system will light pathways around the cottage to help with topographic changes, lighting steps to prevent tripping and enhancing overall safety. In addition to its many safety benefits there are security benefits as well

Nightscape Your Property

We consider all these elements and ask all these questions as they will be addressed and discussed with you the client before a design is put together to ensure satisfaction.

Landscape lighting requires only 12 volts, so it is much safer and less expensive than conventional 120 volt lighting. Landscape lighting provides amazing effects without the harsh glare of flood lights, or having extension cords running throughout your property.

Our low voltage lighting will enhance a Muskoka night that is virtually none intrusive to the night sky for both you and neighbours.

By utilizing primarily low voltage components Muskoka Outdoor Lighting systems are also inherently efficient and safe. This combined with our commitment to install 100% LED whenever possible means that the efficiencies achieved are quickly passed on to the client in the form of lower electrical consumption levels and maintenance requirements. It is not uncommon to achieve a 75% or better reduction in the number of watts consumed. These efficiencies further add to the low environmental impact of a Dark Sky Friendly lighting system.

Fortunately, it is possible to effectively light your night time environment while also eliminating light pollution. Using a systems based design approach, Muskoka Outdoor Lighting is able to create beautiful, extensive outdoor lighting systems that not only protect our precious night time environment but also greatly increase the beauty, safety and security of your property.

If you would like more information on the issues surrounding light pollution or specifically Dark Skies, you are encouraged to look at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's web site at: Another great resource is the International Dark sky Association's web site located at

Whether you want simple path lights to the dock or cabin, elegant lighting on a special feature, or a spectacular nightscape, a special event our design team can help you acquire incredible ambiance that will be unique to your space.