System Audits

System Audits

Way to Grow Irrigation can provide a landscape irrigation audit to any system and is an effective tool for maximizing water use efficiency in landscapes such as home lawns, commercial properties and sports fields.

Most irrigation systems waste water. Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to changing weather conditions so they generally over water your landscape to make up for poor design or lack of maintenance. An audit can pinpoint problem areas that need to be addressed to operate more efficiently.

Way to Grow Irrigation’s commitment to water conservation has produced a program to reduce outside water use and to improve the efficiency of existing irrigation systems.

Irrigation audits consist of three main activities:

  • Site inspection
  • Performance testing
  • Irrigation scheduling

While each activity in itself can result in significant water and cost savings, together these activities can provide substantial savings based on site specific conditions and irrigation system performance.

There are many technological advances that have been made in recent years to the irrigation industry.
These advancements have allowed us to water more efficiently than ever before, and Way to Grow Irrigation is committed to bringing these new technologies to Muskoka.

Have your system audited and upgraded so you too can irrigate responsibly.