Micro Irrigation Services

Boat House Micro Irrigation Systems - Way to Grow Irrigation is an original developer of hands free automated watering systems for boathouse planters and baskets in Muskoka. 

There is a large demand for this type of irrigation system, so fill in the convenient online quote request form and we can book your installation when we are in your area making it more affordable at a fraction of the full irrigation system price.

An inexpensive way to water your planters at the boat house, lakeshore or dock.

Tired of your annuals drying up at the boathouse?
Are your planters hard to reach?

Think of Micro Irrigation for your Boathouse...

Radiant heat from the water and your boat house makes it difficult to keep your plants healthy and lush!

Micro Irrigation can be installed spring, summer or fall to extend your growing season!

Stop Wasting valuable Water trying to water your plants!
Think of Micro Irrigation for your all Deck Planters.
Micro Irrigation systems can be installed before you plant your garden or flowers and even after you have planted the garden and plants?

Full systems starting at $500 including rain sensors an important component ensuring that the planters do not get over watered

One payment and Never worry about your plants again!
Fully adjustable timer for everyday or every other day, whatever you prefer!!!

Micro Irrigation is as simple as putting in a bubbler in the winter and just as necessary for your plants and for the environment.