We are dedicated to installing quality products not from just one company such as Toro or Rainbird but mix all types to give the owner the best possible parts on the market to date. 

Not products that were purchased in bulk ten years ago!

We always include a rain sensor. It is a most!

We feel that is an obligation of an irrigation contractor to make sure your system is running as efficient as possible. Not stopping an irrigation system when the soil has reached its saturation point from the rain is irresponsible. A rain sensor will shut off the sprinkler system, not waste water and flood the plant. We never cut corners to save a couple of bucks!

Irrigation systems can be very different in cost, ranging from manual systems, to fully automated systems.

They can also range from installing weather stations to a rain sensor. There are a number of endless possibilities to choose from. This is why we at Way to Grow feel that there is a need for a mix of all type of products out there from Toro to Rainbird to give you the best possible system for your money.

The possibilities are endless.

Knowing that Way to Grow is operated by an expert in irrigation and brings a turf grass management diploma from the leading Turf University in Canada that graduates the best Greens keepers in Canada you can be confident that you will get the best possible system.


Way to Grow Irrigation offers a Two Year Warranty on all Parts on Full Installation of New Irrigation Systems. Way to Grow Irrigation workmanship is of highest quality is guaranteed. All Service Must Be Completed by Way to Grow Irrigation in order for Warranty to be valid.


Way to Grow Irrigation will provide winterizing and spring startup for your irrigation system at its competitive flat rates. All other service will be provided at shop rate, with applicable taxes.

Choosing of the contractor is so important so that you get the most efficient system with the best possibly technology available and the knowledge of all parts of the plants involved. 

Muskoka is very unique in its landscapes ranging from rocky to heavily treed areas. It is important to hire a local irrigation contractor that knows terrain and soil along with what timer to use what pump. Most importantly what design is needed for the unique topography of Muskoka’s landscape.

Whether we tap into your municipal water supply or install a separate pumping system from the lake or ponds there’s always the need for the expertise of Way to Grow to optimize your systems performance


We believe that a properly maintained system can last decades. It is our goal to keep your system running at optimal performance and efficiency. With both education and routine maintenance, we will work with you to keep your system as good as new. You will find that as your lawn and garden matures over the years, its water requirements change as well. We can help you keep your lawn and garden healthy, while minimizing the need for additional service calls.