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Smart Controller

Smart controllers are irrigation clocks that automatically adjust irrigation run times based on daily updates received tirelessly and respond to the actual weather.

Smart controllers use this ET data ( evapotranspiration ) weather information to manage watering times and frequency. As environmental conditions change, the controller increases or decreases irrigation and waters accordingly. Smart controllers have the ability to turn off your sprinklers automatically during rain, and change run times according to high wind, low temperature, humidity, etc.

Data for each zone is input into the controller to determine the optimum schedule for your landscaping.

This data includes variables such as

  • Sprinkler type
  • Precipitation rate and efficiency
  • Plant type and root depth
  • Slope and sprinkler location on the slope
  • Soil type
  • Micro-climate (full sun, part shade etc.)
  • Usable rainfall

You can even program a watering blackout so the controller knows not to water on a certain day or time. After this data has been entered into the controller it virtually eliminates the need for human interaction concerning programming. This makes the system very efficient and user friendly. So how does this work?

So how does it work?

Every day, site-specific information is gathered from weather stations, transmitted through satellites and delivered to the controller.

Based on the daily updates, irrigation schedules are updated automatically to ensure precise water amounts are delivered every time.