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The Town of Huntsville continues their commitment to their water conservation

By contracting Way to Grow Irrigation to install the first and only TriComm system in Ontario Huntsville is on cutting edge of water conservation. "The TriComm System is a remote site management tool for irrigation systems, using an internet-based control interface over a GPRS cellular network which allows us monitor and adjust the system from our office ." This system also monitors the flow for each zone and should any problems arise the affected zone will automatically shut down while allowing the remaining zones to operate. "We are alerted in real time of the issue, resulting in very quick dispatch of a service tech."

Way to Grow Irrigation is an active ambassador and leader in water conservation in the Muskoka and surrounding area. We are committed to promoting efficient irrigation methods using the latest technologies like weather based smart controllers and off-site management tools for sustainable solutions to ensure minimal impact on our water resources.

Water is our most precious resource... and we can all make a difference!